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The manufacturer of the Tacho5Safe reader has prepared a set of technical measures for each client, thanks to which the client receives a specific area on the server disk for exclusive use, along with a program to operate it.

TachoSAFE-WEB platform

TachoSafe cloud file storage

The TachoSAFE-WEB platform is an online computer programme made available to customers to meet the requirements set out by law for downloading, storing and analysing files from driver cards and digital tachographs. This platform is available in two versions: a free version marked Basic and a paid version with extended functionality marked PRO.

Both types of the TachoSAFE-WEB platform are described in detail on the following page www.tachosafe-WEB.com

TachoSAFE-WEB Basic - File storage

Currently, anyone can set up and use the free version of the platform, which includes a secure dedicated and private storage space and a management programme through which we can access the system. After logging on to the site, the available options are limited to management, files and enable:

  • Creation of dedicated storage resources for the company with the possibility of creating branches and adding users
  • Management - Adding and deleting branches - Grouping
  • Management - Adding and deleting users
  • Management - Adding and deleting Tacho5SAFE or Tacho4SAFE readers
  • Management - cloud - receiving files from devices - uploaded via smartphones
  • Management - the cloud - receiving files transferred manually and directly from the computer to the storage facility.
  • Management - cloud - ability to download files from the cloud (storage) to a computer or other device connected to the system
  • Possibility to create your own file formats
  • Checking files for correct security keys and correct file structure

TachoSAFE-WEB Basic - basic programme

The storage programme can be accessed by logging into the website after creating an account. According to the menu, the main directory of the programme is the so-called "Panel", where basic information such as download dates is presented. Other menu items include the drivers' and vehicles' directory, the downloads directory with a breakdown into driver and vehicle files, and the upload panel. The upload panel is used to upload data files from driver or vehicle cards directly from the computer, downloaded in advance and stored locally.
Other programme elements apart from settings are available in the PRO version (control reports, company reputation, etc.).

TachoSafe cloud directory of driver files

The manufacturer provides access to the TachoSAFE-WEB platform for everyone - it allows anyone who wants to learn and use the Basic version. I therefore encourage you to create an account and test the standard version.

The extended version of the TachoSAFE-WEB PRO platform is available at very competitive prices.

Benefits of the TachoSAFE-WEB Bssic

  • Free access application to manage file storage (cloud) for everyone via the Internet
  • Unlimited storage for driver and tachograph files with access from anywhere via the internet
  • Access for authenticated persons
  • Extensive platform management capabilities and customization to your needs
  • Free secure storage included

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