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Distribution of TachoSAFE

Distribution of Tacho5Safe and TachoSAFE WEB PRO readers

Net Polska is the representative of the manufacturer - SVT and the official distributor of the TachoSafe brand in Poland and abroad.

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TachoSafe European distribution

We invite everyone willing to cooperate in the sale of devices for downloading data from a tachograph and analyzing them from the SVT brand, which includes the following readers: Tacho2Safe, Tacho4Safe, Tacho5SAFE and the TachoSAFE-WEB PRO platform.

Net Polska, as the official exclusive distributor, has appropriate technical and substantive resources. We provide training, access to materials and excellent price conditions - a special distribution price list.
The condition for distribution sales is to have appropriate technical means to conduct sales, skills and customer support.


  • Knowledge in the field of tachographs.
  • Technical support and customer assistance
  • Prohibition of competing on the market on price
  • Purchase of at least 10 devices
  • On-time payments

We invite everyone interested to contact us by phone: Net Polska
91 482 32 32 lub 91 483 70 70


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