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5-th generation of tachograph and driver card readers

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the latest device supporting drivers, transport companies, settlement companies and other persons who are obliged to read data from tachographs and driver cards. Tacho5safe is a reader with two functionalities - standard and extended.

Tacho5Safe wygląd zewnętrzny

Tacho5SAFE possibilities in standard functionality.

Standard functionality is a reader that allows reading data from the driver card and tachograph. It works without additional elements of the presented system, like any other reader. It has internal memory for storing downloaded files, a built-in driver card reader and two connectors. One to connect the tachograph and the other to connect the computer. Signaling the device status as well as the status during data downloading is presented using LED diodes on the housing.

The standard operating procedure is as follows: read data from the card or tachograph, connect the device to the computer with a cable and copy the files. While the device is connected to the computer, the Tacho5Safe battery is charged.

The possibilities of Tacho5SAFE in extended functionality.

It is definitely encouraging to use Tacho5Safe in extended functionality. Extended functionality is a combination of the Tacho5safe reader, a device (phone, smartphone, tablet) running Android or IOS with Internet access and Bluetooth communication and a free application with cloud storage. Both the smartphone application and the online magazine are free for every user without time limits or any additional requirements. As you can see, meeting the above requirements does not require any special devices or additional expenditure. (currently every available phone supports Bluetooth transmission and has access to the Internet).

After inserting the card into the device\'s slot or connecting it to the tachograph, we launch the application on the phone. The data downloading process is presented on the smartphone screen. Once the reading is complete, the phone connects to free software on the internet and sends the files to a private, secure online storage. Access to the warehouse is available to anyone who has access rights (login and password from anywhere in the world).

For example, files are downloaded to the cloud in the transport database, and the settlement and control department downloads this data to its system in another city.

Tacho5Safe z włożoną kartą kierowcy


Advantages of Tacho5Safe

  • Works with all types of tachographs and cards of various generations
  • Tacho5Safe has standard functionality of a tachograph and driver card reader
  • A free application for Android and IOS is available to connect your smartphone to Tacho5Safe
  • Tacho5Safe users receive access to a safe, private online storage
  • Tacho5Safe users receive access to the safe TachoSafe-WEB program and the paid TachoSafe-WEB PRO

Equipment - Tacho5Safe

  • high-performance lithium-polymer battery enabling up to 400 data downloads from the driver card without charging
  • low energy - Low Energy BLE4.0 built-in Bluetooth module for transmission between the phone and the device
  • built-in slot - driver card reader on the side of the device for quick reading of the driver card
  • tachograph connector - integrated interface in the form of a key for connecting the tachograph and reading data


How the smartphone program works